Publicerad den 22 Jul 2020
Vad ser Holger Knaack i tiden för Rotaryklubbarna? Vad är viktigt för att grundidéerna och det goda i Rotary ska fortsätta att utvecklas när tiderna förändras? 
It’s about growing Rotary at all levels.
It’s about making our organization stronger.
It’s about retention and growing through new Rotary club models.
Rotary is indeed one of the slowest-changing organizations in the world.
What we do takes so much time.
We have to be much faster!

Rotary Opens Opportunities.
It supports our efforts to grow Rotary, because becoming a Rotarian offers prospective members totally new opportunities.

One of the opportunities is, of course, the opportunity to serve.
And then the other part comes into play: We offer opportunities to people who are waiting for our service — providing clean water, opportunities to go to school, and so forth.
What we do works in both directions.

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