Membership & RPIC training seminar

Agenda 09:00 - 10:30


Presentation speakers and program.

RC Bjørn 5 min

Information from RID zone 17-18.

RID Virpi Honkola 10 min

How to keep the members stable?
Discussion based on answer from homework.

ARC Angelika 20 min.


How to attract new members and start new clubs.

ARC Mingaile 20 min

Different club variants and different membership.

ARC Torkil 20 min

Example from funding Stavern Satellite Club Young - Why /How we did it.

RC Bjørn 5 min.

Leader Stavern Satellite Club Young -
Reflections after 3 months.

Truls Løwer Arnesen 10 min

Break 10:00 - 10-45


Agenda 10:45 - 12:00


Promoting our brand and our story - The Action Plan.

RPIC Tore 20 min + 10 min discussion

Membership and Club Grows - in unprecedented times.

RMO (Rotary membership Officer)
Rasmus Egeskjold Europe/Africa office 10 min

Establishing new flexible clubs.

Specialist Nordic/Baltic Countries;
Sari Miettinen Club & District support 10 min

Questions up to 12:00.



In preparation for our training, we ask you to collect and prepare information on the following topics.

As we have a very large decline in membership in our Districts, please speak to the Club's Membership Officers and gather information on:

  • Why are people leaving Rotary in your District? What are the most common reasons?
  • What is the strategy, what are the ideas in clubs and/or Districts to attract new members at the present time.

Have you taken any new actions to attract new people in your Districts?

We would be delighted if you would send the answers to the above questions by March 1 directly to ARC Angelika by email a.przezdziek@rotary.org.pl


Bjørn Jahren Aas

Rotary Cordinator Zone 18, Tlf. +47 9073 5965, bjorn@varias.no




Enligt inbjudan kommer seminariet att genomföras i Zoom, men vi har inte fått någon länk ännu. /Anders T